Phần mềm quản trị doanh nghiệp

Area of operations

ITECHPRO focused mainly on three main areas of activity: ICT and Software engineering; Real estate; Consultancy and training.


ICT and Software Engineering

Research, development, technology transfer and provide solutions in IT & communication, including: Building the infrastructure of IT and Communication solution; Solutions to ensure safety and security information; Seting up the management information systems; Building geographic information systems and remote sensing technology.

Consulting, building, deploying software solutions in the areas of: production, business and social life, …

Providing equipment and services in IT & Communication.


Real Estate

Business property: Includes investment, purchase, transfer, lease, lease purchase real estate for sale, transfer, lease, sublease, lease purchase real estate.

Business services Real estate services include brokerage of real estate valuation, real estate, real estate exchanges, real estate consultants, real estate auctions, real estate ads and management of real estate.


Consultancy and Training

Consulting and training in IT& communication.

Consulting and training in business, business management and corporate governance.

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