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Core values

Core values create the character, spirit and orientation for actions and help us become better people, stronger organization. 


  • We always tell the truth. We provide what we promised. When we engage something to others and to ourselves, we certainly keep our promise. We always handle problems right after figuring out.


  • “Being good” is not enough. We always provide products and services with optimal quality and bring long-lasting use value for customers. We look for the solutions to do more with less and always stay on a path of constant, never-ending improvement and innovation.


  • We always keep positive attitude in communicating with each other and with customers. We always talk with the best purposes and by shared, friendly dialogues. We never hear or use any complaints, gossip or sarcasm. We always admit our problems before finding out solutions to overcome. We always greet and say goodbye by our familiar names.


  • We learn from our mistakes. We always study, inquire, develop and seize control of things which can help our company’s members study, inquire, develop and seize control together.


  • We totally focus on thinking, energy, spirit and attention to make success in what we are doing. We are ready to win and help other people win also with the principle “Win-Win”. We are always confident and proud of both our company’s competence, prosperity and ours. We are a successful team.

Team working

  • We are both team members and team leaders. We do not hesitate to do anything to help each other gain the common goal. We focus on collaborating more than compromising in order to find the best solutions in working together. We are flexible in work and we can make alternations if what we are doing is not really effective. We ask for help when we need and we are pleased to help when other people need.


  • We always consider from the system’s point of view to give a solution. If there is any challenge arising, we often use system to give the solution before adjusting people. We use a system solution in innovation rather than a people solution. We comply with the system absolutely before having a new system instead.


  • We are people who are abundant of spirit, passion and dedication. We are proud of this abundance because we easily share, help, give and receive in our community. We allow this abundance to show in every aspect in life by respecting our values and other person’s values as well.


These core values create the actual wonderful ITECHPRO people: with business, partners, customers and society.


  • A shared passion, pride.
  • Each member of ITECHPRO is always a part in building the pride and passion.

With partner

  • Reliability

With customers

  • Beautiful pictures which are bold in mind.

With society

  • True admiration. 


ITECHPRO Organization System

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