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Golden Eye 5.5 solution meets the management objectives of a parking-lot
9/13/2011 2:05:04 AM

Golden Eye 5.5 solution was developed by ITECHPRO in order to meet the management objectives of a parking-lot as follows:

  • Manage the amount of vehicle coming in / out and the others are still in the parking area with the highest level of security.
  • Manage flexibly distribution parking cards (including guest cards and staff cards).
  • Manage the collection of parking charges every shift so as to avoid fraud in collecting parking fees.
  • Manage the number of employees each shift, avoid being neglected or collude with crooks to steal cars.
  • Manage the large amount of traffic in / out, from 1.200 to 1.800 turns / flow / hour.
  • Report statistically on the inputs / outputs of parking areas.
  • Allow querying and searching information through factors of number plates, ticket numbers and time in / out.
  • Warm automatically by sounds and images in the case of invalid vehicles.
  • Ensure the safety of the system, support backup and recovery data quickly.
  • Save costs and gain higher economic efficiency.
  • Ensure the system''''''''s openness and ability of integration with other systems such as timekeeping systems, human resource management systems.


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