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The effectiveness of GTS System 2011
9/13/2011 2:10:57 AM

The effectiveness of the application system GTS System 2011 is shown in the following specific tasks:

  • Can use the program in any location, just an Internet connection.
  • Integrate, share and manage question bank system of schools, training institutions, testing organizations, ... an easy and convenient.
  • The solution reduces the cost of organizing the examinations.
  • Organization of the examination for candidates with large amounts of fast, reliable scores, fair, accurate and impartial. Preventing students "learn from".
  • Provide a centralized environment to help students, student, students review, practice knowledge and access to modern methods of competition internationally.
  • Provide online analysis tools to support the goal of building programs, improving the quality of learning and teaching for sustainable development of the field, organizing training / testing, ...


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