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Professional Training

ITECHPRO provides training programs for two target audiences: Training programs for Enterprises and Training programs for individuals.

Training Programs for Enterprises:

  • Courses about IT.
  • Courses about economics, business, business administration and corporate governance.
  • Courses about soft skills.
  • Courses according to the enterprise’s requirements.

Training Programs for Individuals:

  • Courses about IT.
  • Courses about soft skills.

Team of experts, trainers

Experts and trainers of IT faculty from:

  • Institute of Information Technology - Institute of Science and Technology of Vietnam.
  • Institute of Information Technology - Hanoi National University.
  • University of Technology - Hanoi National University.
  • The leading technology experts at domestic and international corporate and organizations.

Experts and trainers of training programs in Business Administration and Corporate Governance from:

  • National Economics University, Hanoi.
  • Academy of Finance.
  • Institute of Banking.
  • University of Commerce.
  • The senior consultants at domestic and international corporate and organizations.

Training Models

ITECHPRO combines of both training models, which are: the model of experts, instructors teaching in classrooms and the model of e-Learning to optimize the quality of learning and ensure information access needs of each participant.

Classroom teaching Model

Experts and teachers of ITECHPRO present and instruct directly in the classroom with new methods compared to traditional teaching model, such as: presentation with LCD projector, discussion, inquiry, practice and use of actual situations to illustrate lectures.

ITECHPRO always focuses on providing knowledge and practical working skills for trainees so that trainees can not only master the specialized knowledge but also apply the working skills to their current jobs after the end of the course.

E-Learning Model

E-learning is a method of training using Internet system to implement the process of teaching, learning and assessing the outcomes of trainees. All contents of lectures are stored and transferred on ITECHPRO Internet server system.

This model helps learning progress faster with lower cost, increase the learning participation of students and always ensure to update lectures. Students have account and password to access the system for content lecture reference, documents, studying and taking online tests, or exchanging information with expert’s community of ITECHPRO forum at any time and any places.

Online training programs of ITECHPRO are provided at the address:


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